Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Orleans

I just got back from a trip to New Orleans with the Hubby. We had to go for a partners was spousal so they had a lot of fun things planned. We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria-The Roosevelt. It was gorgeous...the hubby booked us a suite. We had a great time. Too much food and liquor for a  normally non-drinking Canadian like me. You have to train to go eating 9 meals a day prior to going. It turns out fried foods don't like me very much. I had crawfish, gumbo, jambalya, alligator, etoufille, red beans and rice, fried oysters, beignettes...hurricanes (avoid these drinks!!) We went on a French Quarter horse carriage tour. A city bus tour district, katrina, french quarter, was great. We went on a Bayou tour and fed the alligators...chicken and marshmallows? They have a sweet tooth. I decided to stay out of the water as my blood type is Hershey.Bourbon street was crazy, smelly and dangerous. The police are all over...I'm not sure what they do as anything goes. You can drink anywhere, the street, malls as long as it is in a can or plastic glass. Nudity apparently isn't a problem either.Yikes! We actually had a Mardi Gras. They closed down the streets for us...dressed us up in boas, hats and beads. The police led the way...followed by a Marching band and jesters on stilts...then came 350 partners and their wives.They marched us down Bourbon Street and down the next street to the House of Blues(which was shut down for our private party) They had an unbelievable band and great food...what a blast. Anyways...long story short...this is why I've been gone and not posting. Hope to be back to normal soon. Lee-Ann :)

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